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From the Caribbean to New Zealand
April 2018

From the Caribbean to New Zealand by way of Ireland: Besides learning a language «from A to Z», you can also delve into its different cultural contexts with us. Our compelling and effective courses take you all around the world. Get a taste of the English-speaking Caribbean in «The World of English». Our course instructor Althea Mark-Romeo was born in Antigua and grew up in St. Thomas: She invites you to immerse yourself in the dialects of the Caribbean and discover this colourful, lively island paradise. Or follow Darragh Gallagher to the Emerald Isle in the north of Europe – an Irishman born and bred, he gives a unique insight into «The Culture of Ireland». Together you’ll explore the country’s mystical landscapes, get to know its writers and artists and learn more about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. For those who just love to read and discuss fiction written in English, our literature courses are a perfect match. The «Short Stories» by New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield are just one example. 

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»English in Context: All courses at a glance«

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